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Change the Game: The Art of Dressing Well for Women

. 01/09/2016 . 0 Comments

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. Follow the story of how a 20-something young woman learned the art of dressing well for women, and markedly changed both her social and professional path in just seven days.

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The 13 Types of Men a Woman Should Never Marry

. 06/22/2015 . 1 Comment

Seeing the “potential” in a man is great – if you’re 16. As an adult, what you see is what you get, and no amount of loving support or encouragement will change a man from the man he is to the man you’d like to imagine he can be. If you’re a single woman of the mind that you want a marriage to a great husband, be sure to keep an eye out for these 13 types of high risk dating partners who should NEVER advance to become husbands.

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Ramp Up Your Health with 11 Foods That Boost the Immune System

. 05/04/2015 . 0 Comments

How can you boost your immune system — the bodily functions that fight bacteria, viruses and disease — and give yourself the best opportunity to stay healthy through the winter cold and flu season? This article provides some answers.

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Shopping for Men is Just Like Shopping for Shoes

. 04/26/2015 . 0 Comments

You’ll see them squeezing their toes into the ill fitting shoe they think is so cute, tiptoeing around some strange gait, or walking barefoot with bunions corns and blisters on their feet because they refused to keep shopping until they find a shoe that fit perfectly. The same mentality women have about shopping for shoes is often the same one they have about shopping for a man.

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Are We Obligated to Give My Sister a Baby Shower?

. 11/28/2014 . 1 Comment

My sister’s first baby is due in three months and I’m wondering if we’re obligated to throw a baby shower for her? A few people have already commented that they wouldn’t be coming if we did throw a baby shower, because they’re pissed they never received a ‘thank you’ note from my sister from her wedding two years ago.

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Twelve Reasons Side Chicks Are Smarter Than Wives or Girlfriends

. 02/28/2014 . 3 Comments

When you are married or in a relationship and your man cheats with a side chick, it makes YOU a side chick too. So don’t be getting all high and mighty, thinking you are better than the next broad because you have a ring and his last name. Understand that he doesn’t give any more fucks about YOU and that ring he gave you, or the relationship you two have than he does about HER… both of y’all are side chicks.

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Moving Past the Fuckery of Black Women and BWE

. 12/20/2013 . 31 Comments

The BWE movement (Black Women’s Empowerment) is filled with black women who continue to hang onto a need for validation, acceptance and acknowledgement by black men. I believe it is a twisted need to feel something… anything… including pain.

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Big Booty, Onion Booty, Phat Booty, Bubble Butt

. 11/22/2013 . 0 Comments

Butts are the IN thing. Single women who believe they don’t measure up in the butt department are going through some pretty drastic measures to get the booty they feel will make them more competitive in the dating game. But many of the things women do to get the perfect butt involves expensive, sometimes life-threatening procedures.

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Mother in Law Throws Shade After She Hears Us Making Love

. 10/25/2013 . 1 Comment

Each “morning after” she will either refuse to look at me, make unnecessarily biting comments, or just glare at me when she thinks I’m not looking. I thought I was imagining it but after several months of living together, this is definitely the reason why. I’ve become paranoid about making love and we are very careful about being quiet — almost to the point of silence!

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If You Are Denied Access to An Abortion or the Morning After Pill

. 08/30/2013 . 2 Comments

Latest reports say that from 2010 to 2013, 57 abortion clinics have been closed across the United States. This means that millions of women have reduced or no access to safe termination of an unwanted pregnancy. However, there are alternatives.

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What Happened to Bra-Busters on Facebook?

. 06/23/2013 . 0 Comments

The detailed account of the manipulation of Facebook staff with false reports, and misogynistic rants of cretins which got Bra-Busters, a popular feminist page removed. Women must NEVER submit to men and must continue fighting for rights and fair treatment in all spheres.

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Stranger Rape and Date Rape – Know the Difference

. 05/15/2013 . 0 Comments

Date rape or acquaintenance rape is actually a much more common crime than most women realize. The men they trust, the guys that they “kinda like” are often those with an agenda to set them up for sexual assault.

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