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Memes About Black Women

. 05/02/2013 . 2 Comments

Memes about black women, black men and black male/female relationships by advice columnist Deborrah Cooper

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Smart Women Say No to Sexy Pictures, Lingerie Shots or Sex Videos

. 02/08/2013 . 2 Comments

Smart women say “no way!” to having themselves filmed in compromising positions “for the fun of it”, or of having half-dressed sexy pictures of themselves taken by a man who is today a boyfriend or husband. Because tomorrow he may be your worst nightmare and in his hands, those sex shots of you a tool of Mass Destruction.

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Triple Consciousness and the Black Woman

. 02/08/2013 . 0 Comments

W.E.B Du Bois was a brilliant man.  He was an important contributing factor to the new social science named sociology and one of the greatest writers of the African American experience.  He introduced the concept of “Double Consciousness”, the way that African Americans viewed themselves, individually and as a group, through the eyes of the […]

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The Commitment Avoider – Commitment Phobic Men That Won’t Commit

. 01/02/2013 . 1 Comment

Single women can avoid wasting time, energy and emotions on the commitment phobic man that avoids closeness and intimacy. This list of 10 easy-to-recognize signs of the commitment phobic man

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Part 3 – Are Black Women Stupid? Relationships Are a Business

. 12/18/2012 . 11 Comments

Giving away pussy for free when relationships are a business? Don’t be a dummy! If a man you are messing with isn’t improving the capitalization of your business and the P/E ratio of your stock, he should be dismissed immediately.

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It’s Really None of Your Fucking Business!

. 11/03/2012 . 0 Comments

Some women tell not only all their business to their man, but the personal financial and sexual history of their friends and family members as well. Just because you are sleeping with him does not entitle him to know private personal business about you or others. Your blabbing could be creating serious problems!

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Are Black Women Stupid? Part Two

. 10/23/2012 . 0 Comments

Are black women stupid when it comes to men, money and telling their business? In part two of our Are Black Women Stupid? series, we examine what motivates black women to tell men they are not married to details about their income and finances.

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Are Black Women Stupid?

. 10/17/2012 . 5 Comments

Are black women stupid? When you see large numbers of black women putting down females while uplifting male interests, it becomes clear that there are a lot of black females who support patriarchy which means they are on the wrong side of the gender war.

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Pimping and Playing Men for Profit

. 09/30/2012 . 4 Comments

Playing men for profit and financial gain is a skill set that seems to be discouraged in the black community, which leaves beautiful, intelligent black women having babies and ruining their opportunities. Ladies you better flaunt what you got to get what you want!

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Spare the Rod and Spoil the Child – Neither Biblical nor Proper Parenting

. 09/30/2012 . 4 Comments

Around the nation black women ran to the defense of Creflo Dollar, saying he was justified in assaulting his daughter. After all, the bible instructs parents never to “spare the rod and spoil the child!” so there was no crime. In reality that phrase is nowhere in the bible.

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How Black Women Run Off Men

. 09/01/2012 . 7 Comments

Guest blogger Shadid MacDonald recently conducted a survey amongst his friends and asked what were the things that black women do to run off men. Here is his list of the 7 worst behaviors exhibited by black women in relationships that run off men.

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You are NOT in a Relationship and He is NOT Your Man!

. 08/31/2012 . 3 Comments

Many women find themselves confused about the difference between booty calls, friends with benefits and real committed relationships. How to know when you are in a relationship and when he is and is NOT your man.

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