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The ABC’s of Dating – 10 Tips for Getting the Ball Rolling in Romance!

| 07/16/2011 | Comments (0)
The ABC's of Dating – 10 Tips for Getting the Ball Rolling in Romance!

A great article by advice columnist Deborrah Cooper which answers 10 frequently asked dating questions: What should I be looking for? What does dating mean really? I’m very shy and don’t know what to talk about on a date! Are men always obligated to pay? How long should the date last…I don’t want to wear out my welcome! How can I know if this is someone I should see again or leave alone?

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Breaking Up on the Down Low – How and Why Men Sneak Out of Relationships

| 07/04/2011 | Comments (2)
Breaking Up on the Down Low - How and Why Men Sneak Out of Relationships

He doesn’t want to be the bad guy and experience a direct confrontation. Men hope you won’t notice that he’s on his way out, and sadly, many women don’t!

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My Son’s Father is in Prison, But I Still Want Our Relationship To Work!

| 07/02/2011 | Comments (7)
My Son's Father is in Prison, But I Still Want Our Relationship To Work!

Getting pregnant with one baby after another, this young women remains lost in the muck and mire of the past.

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Divorced Single Mom Experiences Dating Drama

| 06/14/2011 | Comments (4)
Divorced Single Mom Experiences Dating Drama

Divorced single Mom’s attempts to have a romantic life and find a new man meet resistance from six year old daughter.

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If Your Girlfriend is Married or Has a Man, You Better Watch What You Tell Her

| 05/29/2011 | Comments (26)
Women questions who her man is talking to on the phone

Women need to stop telling their men their girl’s business. You are rattling off at the mouth and giving your man the inside track on how to get into your girl’s head and thus, into her panties.

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The Dreaded “What Are You Thinking?” Question…

| 05/26/2011 | Comments (5)
The Dreaded "What Are You Thinking?" Question...

Why do women waste their time asking men “what are you thinking?” when men are never thinking anything?

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Garbage Men and Scavenger Bitches

| 04/28/2011 | Comments (15)
Goodlooking, sexy but unsuitable garbage when it comes to love and relationships

Lonely for companionship and sex, scavenger bitches scour the earth picking up anything male with a pulse. Scavenger bitches repeatedly align themselves with the most undesirable men and settle for the most disrespectful treatment – men that other women with better sense have rejected.

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10 Women Guys Overlook and Why You Should Date Them

| 04/11/2011 | Comments (12)
single men can go from single and alone to happily married with these tips

Single men tend to have a very rigid type. To get more dates, more sex and more love open your mind to include these 10 types of women that you might normally overlook.

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Rebuttal to 10 Lies Women Tell Men

| 03/20/2011 | Comments (55)
rebuttal to 10 lies women tell men

Blogger Anslem Samuel goes in hard on women with his article “The 10 Lies Women Tell Men,” but our Raz puts him in check with this smart and sassy rebuttal response.

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I’m Tired of His Refusal to Commit!

| 03/15/2011 | Comments (11)
Women seek advice on why boyfriends won't commit to marriage

Why do so many young women waste their youth and time in unhealthy relationships, seeking commitments from loser boyfriends?

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When Black Men Attack

| 12/26/2010 | Comments (9)
When Black Men Attack

These men seek to hurt women with words; they feel empowered if they can make women feel emotional pain and psychological hurt. Every utterance is designed to make women feel small, a failure, less than men, sad, confused, and unintelligent.

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Interracial Dating: She Said “Yes” to Marriage but…

| 12/19/2010 | Comments (3)
Man frustrated and confused by potential wife's rejection

She said “yes” to marriage but whenever she wants to do her own thing she says “we are not married!” How long should I endure her treating me like a boyfriend while I treat her like my wife?

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